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By David G. Marrero, Robert Anderson, Martha M. Funnell, Melinda D. Maryniuk


An anthology of greater than 50 tales concerning the different facet of treating diabetes—what health and wellbeing care prone can research from sufferers. With greater than 1,000 mixed years of operating with sufferers, the individuals proportion their wisdom and the life-altering reports that either problem and alter the best way overall healthiness care pros offer care to their sufferers. This inspirational paintings proves that wisdom will be realized from books, yet knowledge can in basic terms be won via years of experience.

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Вся книжка выполнена как группа слайдов / как презентация.

Главная отличительная особенность этой книги: полнота представления материала.

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I thought: ‘Is that it? ’ When I started to do this I soon realised there was no dark place in which I would lose control. This can take practice and I am not pretending it is easy, but it is the way forward. The key point to remember is that when the fear ‘peaks’ and you feel the need to escape, the need to escape just comes from your in built fight or flight mechanism. I just went against these instincts to escape, as there was nothing to run away from. I stayed put or carried on with what I was doing and after the peak, there was always calm - nothing happened.

If you do this, you will have dealt with yourself and not the situation you find yourself in. In time it will not matter where you find yourself and every situation will be like all the others. You will realise for the first time that you do have some control over the way you feel and that there is hope of overcoming these feelings. ‘Feel them and be free’ was always my motto. V programme that caught my attention. The program started with a woman who had been burgled and met the person face to face.

32 - Feel the fear and do it anyway You may have come across this saying before, but it’s a very important statement and one that I feel needs explaining fully as it helped me so much through my own recovery. You may have reached the stage where you dread going to social events for fear of feeling panicky, or just meeting a friend in the street for fear of making a fool of yourself. In some cases, just going to the shops can create feelings of panic. It’s not what will happen to you that sends you running back home, it’s the fear of what may happen.

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