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By Martin R. Prince MD, PhD, Thomas M. Grist M.D., Jörg F. Debatin M.D., MBA (auth.)

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If assessment of arch vessel origins is desired the data must be collected during apnea. To assure proper positioning, the patient should be instructed to take a similar depth of inspiration for the localizer as well as the 3D contrast MRA acquisition. As in other vascular territories, the fast, breath-held 3D MRA acquisition technique requires timing the contrast bolus with either an automatic trigger or a test bolus. For imaging aortic aneurysms, which con- Technique 55 a b Fig. 1. Normal Aorta.

5. While CTA is based on a slice-by-slice acquisition of image data in the axial plane, the 3D MR angiography technique uses a 3D Fourier technique. This permits selective refreshing of select portions of k-space, resulting in a substantial improvement in temporal resolution. With the MRA-DSA technique, new 3D data sets can be collected every 5 to 10 seconds. , those obtained with conventional angiography. This has important ramifications because it becomes possible to separate arterial and venous phases, obtain mask images for digital subtraction, and to assess the physiologie significance of arteriallesions by evaluating organ perfusion.

Immediately prior to the scan the tubing is primed with gadolinium such that once the injection begins there is no delay to fill the tubing. Once the contrast injection and saline flush are completed, a damp on the tubing is engaged so that it can be removed without fluid dripping out of the tubing. Regardless of the injection method used, iv access should be maintained for 5-10 minutes after performing the injection before removing the iv since most allergic reactions occur during this time. What Happens If Gadolinium Extravasates?

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