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As an grownup i needed to extend my vocabulary and this has been an exceptional booklet for that aim. i might definately reccomend.

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1. excessive wickedness. 2. a monstrous offense or evil act; atrocity. The enormity of Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes will never be forgotten. , the enormity of the task), but this is considered an incorrect use of the word. exculpate (eks· kul·payt) v. to free from blame, to clear from a charge of guilt. When Anthony admitted to committing the crime, it served to exculpate Marcus. malfeasance (ma˘l· fee·za˘ns) n. misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official; improper professional conduct.

2. something that causes this condition, such as air pollution. 3. something that impairs or destroys. 4. an unsightly object or area. They still do not know what caused the blight that destroyed half of the trees in the orchard. broach (brohch) v. 1. to bring up, introduce, in order to begin a discussion of. 2. to tap or pierce, as in to draw off liquid. It was hard for Sarah to broach the subject of her mother’s weight gain. cadge (kaj) v. to beg, to obtain by begging. Their dog Cleo would cadge at my feet, hoping I would throw him some table scraps.

1. waste product, sludge. 2. something worthless, commonplace, or trivial. Work crews immediately began the task of cleaning the dross at the abandoned plastics factory. eke (eek) v. to get or supplement with great effort or strain; to earn or accomplish laboriously. Working two jobs enabled Quincy to eke out a living wage for his family. feign (fayn) v. to pretend; to give the false appearance of. Walter feigned illness to avoid attending the meeting. flout (flowt) v. to disobey openly and scornfully; to reject, mock, go against (as in a tradition or convention).

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