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A. thundering, booming confidently b. trembling, shaking noticeably c. quiet, whispering softly d. undecided, unsure 2. By the end of eighth period, I was famished. I’d skipped breakfast and had eaten only a pear for lunch. a. famous b. exhausted c. starving d. impatient 3. The autographed picture of Roger Clemens turned out to be bogus. The man who sold it to me had signed it himself! a. fake, false b. believable c. interesting d. overpriced HOW MUCH CONTEXT DO YOU NEED? In the passage about Amy and Andy, you would probably have been able to understand the main message even if you hadn’t figured out what dispositions and pensive mean.

Skimming ahead and jumping back 2. highlighting or underlining key words and ideas 3. looking up unfamiliar vocabulary words 4. recording their questions and comments 5. looking for clues not just in what the writer says, but in how he or she says it specific word choice and details repeated words or phrases the structure of sentences or paragraphs LearningExpress Skill Builders • LESSON 1 7 –8TH GRADE READING COMPREHENSION SUCCESS– Skill Building until Next Time Here are some ways to practice the skills you’ve learned in this lesson.

The first person to use a gear system on bicycles was a. H. J. Lawson. b. Kirkpatrick Macmillan. c. The Michaux brothers. d. James Starley. 12. Starley’s addition of wire spokes made the bicycle a. lighter. b. less likely to tip over. c. more efficient. d. safer. Skill Building until Next Time 1. Review the Skill Building sections from each lesson in this section. Try any Skill Builders you didn’t already do. 2. Write a paragraph or two about what you’ve learned in this section. Begin your paragraph with a clear topic sentence and then write several supporting sentences.

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