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By B. Chnoupek, R. Pynsent, K. Brusak

A Breaking of Seals is the tale of a quest - the hunt to find probably the most awesome and least remembered occasions of the second one global warfare. This used to be the participation within the Slovak rebellion of 1944 of the French squaddies who escaped from prisoner-of-war camps in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. below the management of Captain Georges de Lannurien, they shaped a Detachement francais de fighters de l. a. Tschecoslovaquie which fought beside the Slovak military in the course of the rebellion and which later stood part by way of aspect with Slovak partisans as a part of the Stefanik Brigade.

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When they'd bombed us they came back to decimate us again with strafing fire. It was a truly desperate situation. We weren't a cohesive unit any more; men were leaving their positions and running. I have a dream­ like memory of running like mad myself, shouting and waving my pistol, trying to stop the fleeing soldiers and bawling threats of a courtmartial for every man who left his post. Some of them did turn back, and for a moment I thought we were going to hold. But then the German fire redoubled, apparently from all sides now.

I had to tell them straight how I felt about doing deals with Hitler. And what came afterwards—Pétain, I mean—well, that was the same whore in different-coloured lipstick. ' The lanky Rene Picard also came back to us from Sklabiña. He was an educated man with a refined mind, a politeness and sensitivity one doesn't connect with soldiers. He'd been a teacher of literature. When he spoke he always made me feel awkward about my own grammarschool French. He came from a middle-class family near Belfort and was about my age—a flight-sergeant in the ground staff, captured somewhere in the department of Doubs and sent to Kaisersteinbruck POW camp near Vienna.

He dug it out—more money than he'd ever dreamed of holding. When it was counted, the partisans found that they'd lifted some two million crowns from the Turany safe. Milo was too excited to get much sleep that night, but the next morning he felt fine. He spent the whole morning walking on air: one of the heroes of the hour. Then, suddenly, the war stopped being a great lark. For the first time, Milo learned what war was really Uke. In the afternoon following the Turany raid, both partisan brigades in Kantor were turned out for a special parade: Slovaks on the left.

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