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By Roy Sorensen

Can God create a stone too heavy for him to raise? Can time have a starting? Which got here first, the chook or the egg? Riddles, paradoxes, conundrums--for millennia the human brain has stumbled on such knotty logical difficulties either confusing and impossible to resist. Now Roy Sorensen bargains the 1st narrative heritage of paradoxes, a desirable and eye-opening account that extends from the traditional Greeks, in the course of the center a while, the Enlightenment, and into the 20 th century. whilst Augustine requested what God used to be doing ahead of He made the area, he was once informed: "Preparing hell for those that ask questions like that." a short historical past of the ambiguity takes a detailed examine "questions like that" and the philosophers who've requested them, starting with the folks riddles that encouraged Anaximander to erect the 1st metaphysical approach and finishing with such thinkers as Lewis Carroll, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and W.V. Quine. equipped chronologically, the booklet is split into twenty-four chapters, every one of which pairs a thinker with an immense paradox, bearing in mind prolonged attention and placing a human face at the techniques which were taken towards those puzzles. Readers get to persist with the minds of Zeno, Socrates, Aquinas, Ockham, Pascal, Kant, Hegel, and lots of different significant philosophers deep contained in the tangles of paradox, searching for, and infrequently discovering, a manner out. jam-packed with illuminating anecdotes and vividly written, a short historical past of the anomaly will attract someone who reveals attempting to solution unanswerable questions a satirically friendly activity.

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