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Adv ~ Dp + NP, here, quickly, well, frequently, today, etc. Dp ~ about, with, above, in, at, for, etc. These rules need some explanation. The item "NULL" in the Dn category means essentially that no Dn is chosen. " listed in the breakdown of the auxiliary stands for "participle," a bound or alternate-bound morpheme such as the en in taken. The braces { } indicate that only one of the enclosed i terns will be selected as part of the string. Parentheses indicate that the selection of an item is optional.

Morphological composition is pertinent, however, to the design of a Gt syntax. We will pursue this pertinence later. Function Words Words such as the, an, a, this, by, and of are representative of the function words or empty words~ the ones that do not have a referent outside the language. Although these words are relatively few in number, they have a vital influence on English utterance. The importance of function words can be illustrated by comparing the quality of utterances not having them with that of utterances including them.

This string creates the boy will haven being saw the dog. Obviously the initial ordering of elements such as tense is important. + be+ ing + Vt, or would haven being see. To solve the problem, we must move on from phrase-structure rules to those of transformation. Let us start from the beginning and work up to the point at which transformation becomes imperative. rule: rule: string: rule: rule: string: rule: string: rule: rule: string: rule: string: rule: rule: string: rule: rule: rule: rule: rule: string: S~NP+VP NP~Dn+N Dn+N+VP Dn~the N ~ noun + sing.

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