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Support for teachers was focused on teachers new to the profession or to KEEP. Experienced teachers also required support from external consultants. Deciding what a good writers’ or readers’ workshop should look like was difficult. This meant that teachers and consultants were not sure how the workshops should be evaluated or of the next steps to be taken. Outcomes suggested that even with much goodwill on the part of teachers, they needed a great deal more support in learning how to introduce more responsive pedagogies.

This could involve, for example, formulating classroom rules and setting consequences for following them or not following them. Collaborative responsibility is more likely to ensure that, while each student has the right to be safe, s/he also has a responsibility not to destroy the safety of others. The right to be respected carries a responsibility to respect others. The right to learn means a responsibility to support others’ learning. Interacting with others around genuinely shared tasks and activities often leads to fun and enjoyment in learning.

These prior conceptions result from previous learning in other contexts. New learning or our ability to make sense of these new experiences in new contexts is a product of the ‘interplay’ between contexts and is continuous and recursive. This often involves the learner having the confidence and support to problem solve and take risks. An example of this was observed when Karamea, mentioned above, came across a pair of bright, fluffy slippers that she had never seen before. With the heel of one slipper placed inside the toe of the other, the slippers sat looking like a multi-coloured fluffy toy.

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