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Introduction through Paul Foot The autobiogrphy of the founding father of the Socialist staff social gathering who many reflect on the only such a lot influential socialist innovative to have emerged in post-war Britain. It charts Cliff's amazing improvement from an impoverished Palestine within the Thirties, the place he used to be stimulated by way of the writing of Trotsky, to a disappointed Blairite Britain, the place he was once instrumental within the construction of a mass-based progressive celebration up until eventually his dying in April 2000.

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Vagabond Witness: Victor Serge and the Politics of Hope

Victor Serge was once the 1st and the best witness of the 20th century. An anarchist in France, a syndicalist in Spain, a severe Bolshevik in Russia, an agent of the Comintern in Germany and Austria, an exile, Serge as soon as acknowledged that folks judged background, yet they did so with out realizing what relatively occurred and who the actors quite have been.

The Prophet: The Life of Leon Trotsky

Few political figures of the 20th century have aroused such intensities of fierce admiration and reactionary worry as Russian progressive Leon Trotsky. His outstanding existence and wide writings have left an indelible mark at the innovative recognition. but there has been as soon as a possibility that his lifestyles and impression will be relegated to the footnotes of historical past.

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And this gave an opening to look at other aspects of the time. T he standard prac­ tice among Bible experts was to look at the style of language as the key to decide the order in which the different parts of the Bible were written. 31 A WORLD TO WIN I did a lot of work and sent my conclusions to a Bible expert who was very impressed. I do not know if my contribution was of any value at all but it helped me to grasp the Marxist method of analysis, not as a dogma but a weapon of research. Alas, the manuscript has been lost and will probably never be found.

With my ridiculous showing at the port he stamped my passport with the minimum stay— three months. 38 Chapter 2 The crisis of Trotskyism On our way from Palestine to Britain Chanie and I passed through Paris. We visited the headquarters of the Fourth International. Until then I had concentrated my research on developments in the Arab East, above all Egypt and Palestine. I only glanced at developments elsewhere. We visited Paris just five months after the Inter­ national Pre-Conference of the Fourth International, which took place in April 1946 (the founding conference was in 1938).

Every step our group took met with great difficulty. To collect ar­ ticles for our magazines, one of us, who was not known to the police or to the Zionist organisations, would have to travel to pick up the article, let us say from Haifa, to bring to Tel Aviv. The printing was a very burdensome task. We could not go to a com­ mercial printer as our publications were illegal. We did not have a printing press of our own; we did not even have a duplicator. W hat we had was a flatbed copier. To start with one had to type the magazine on a stencil.

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