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AARP electronic variations give you sensible tips, confirmed ideas, and professional information.

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And, of course, Janet for her encouragement and patience (yet again) while I invested so many of our hours into this book. Introduction Hopping onto the 401(k) Bandwagon Picture yourself in a perfect world. . Your bank account is bigger than the sultan of Brunei’s. You love your job, and you’ve got a great pension plan. You’re looking forward to retirement, when you can move to your dream home in a crime-free community. You’ll spend sunny mornings on the golf course with your spouse. Afternoons, you’ll go fishing aboard your cabin cruiser .

Making good selections basically means choosing something in the right category. It is much easier and simpler than shopping for individual stocks out of the zillions available. Whether your plan offers only a small number or a wide selection, I explain how to choose your investments in Part Three. Extra Perks Your plan may offer additional benefits, such as opportunities to borrow money from your account. (This particular option can come in handy, but you must beware of its long-run cost. ) Portability Another major difference between a traditional pension plan and a 401(k) plan is that your 401(k) account belongs to you.

Nice, huh? A person saving outside a tax-deferred account does not enjoy the same tax break. As a result, this Other Guy pays more in federal and state taxes (Column 1, Lines 6 and 7). Your investments enjoy the same edge as your contributions. Even though you and the Other Guy invest the same amount of money in the same things (where they grow at the same rate of return), the Other Guy gets hit by taxes again. You don’t. This time it is his investment earnings that Uncle Sam takes a bite from.

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