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By Ninjalicious

A entire guidebook to city exploration, an exhilarating, mind-expanding pastime that encourages our natural tendencies to discover and play in our personal surroundings. comprises every thing you want to commence exploring little-known city areas like deserted structures, rooftops, development websites, drains, transit and software tunnels and extra. beneficial properties chapters on

* training
* recruiting
* preparation
* equipping
* social engineering

and different matters vital to the profitable city explorer.

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While you'll probably get the information you need regardless of how you ask, if you ask politely you might get the longer version with additional helpful information, or at least get on the person's good side. Being polite is a great start, but if you can go a step further and actually be outgoing, friendly and interested in the other person you'll be even further along. Obviously, this is a difficult task for more introverted explorers, but just try to think of it as working on your charisma score.

It's risky, since if you're caught you're really caught, but it normally works, since no one actually expects someone to be hiding unless they're in the middle of a game of hide-and-seek. Quickly slipping behind a door or ducking behind a machine has worked for me on many occasions. In most cases, the person who shows up has no interest in finding you or anyone else - they're just going about their business. By hiding, you're really doing them a favour, by keeping them from being distracted from their important task, and if you can just wait them out for a minute or two, you'll have no trouble either leaving or continuing your exploration unimpeded.

In theory, pizza delivery or courier company uniforms could be useful for getting past front desks, but I'm unable to confirm or deny that this works, having never heard any believable stories. Access All Areas 41 Excuses Know your story. Many infiltrations will involve at least some interaction with other people, so unless you're excellent at thinking on your feet, you should have a detailed, realistic story of what you're up to in mind before you get there, and anyone you're exploring with should have the same story.

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