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By Jane Velez-Mitchell

American citizens are being lured into dependancy. And what we are addicted to is not unavoidably unlawful or maybe difficult to come back through. Prescription drugs are making us excessive. speedy foodstuff is making us fats. the web retains us continually distracted with every little thing from playing and porn to compulsive social networking. tv bombards us with glamorized violence. From billboards, to on-line pop ups, to ads. . . we are seduced into deciding to buy extra stuff we do not want whereas we drown in starting to be debt. giant earnings fill the wallet of a handful of 'pushers' on the rate of everybody else. organisations, executive, and the media are developing the semblance that the extra we have now, the higher we're, and so we crave no matter what they're promoting and turn into hooked on their items within the procedure. americans are being seduced into self-destructivebehavior on a mass scale. it is time to take our strength again. In her trademark no-holds-barred type, Jane Velez-Mitchell asks, 'Do you really need to be a slave, current simply to make another individual wealthy and powerful?' If the answer's no, then learn this publication. Addict state is our blueprint for swap, yet first we needs to see what's quite happening. this is often an intervention!

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If you refused, you weren’t really part of the cult and might be shunned or viewed with suspicion. Today, all of us are members of the cult of consumerism. That’s why we call ourselves consumers. Bucking the consumer mentality, becoming a free thinker and achieving emotional sobriety from overconsumption requires taking yourself out of that cult at the risk of being shunned or ridiculed! If there’s one thing we know about addicts, they really don’t like to use their drug with sober people staring at them.

Any addiction is ultimately self-destructive, even an addiction to something that—in moderation—is good for you, like exercise. So what kind of behavior is considered okay? What’s not? It depends on the cultural norms of the moment. Suddenly, we’ve got pot stores popping up all over California and Colorado. ” Society is constantly reassessing its tolerance for certain addictive behaviors, declaring war on some addictions while encouraging others. Remember the sixties? “If you can . . you weren’t there,” is the tired joke.

The psychologically addictive component is the constant drumbeat of advertizing to encourage fast food consumption, combined with its easy availability. 1 For another example, one need look no further than our current foreclosure mess. Mortgages were offered to millions of people who really couldn’t afford them. Predatory mortgage brokers got their cut and didn’t seem to care what happened to the house or the homeowner after they sealed the deal. These seductive lending policies triggered an addictive binge of spending and overconsumption as people who bought homes above their means proceeded to furnish them using high-interest-rate credit cards.

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