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By Christopher Elisan

A unique consultant to establishing a malware learn lab, utilizing state of the art research instruments, and reporting the findings

Advanced Malware research is a severe source for each details safeguard professional's anti-malware arsenal. The confirmed troubleshooting innovations will provide an aspect to info safeguard pros whose task contains detecting, deciphering, and reporting on malware.

After explaining malware structure and the way it operates, the e-book describes how one can create and configure a cutting-edge malware study lab and assemble samples for research. Then, you’ll how one can use dozens of malware research instruments, arrange facts, and create metrics-rich reports.

a very important device for combatting malware—which at present hits every one moment globally

full of undocumented tools for customizing dozens of research software program instruments for terribly particular uses

Leads you thru a malware blueprint first, then lab setup, and at last research and reporting activities

each device defined during this publication comes in each nation all over the world

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