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Com/group/agileprojectmanagement/. Agile methodologies also emphasize on light documentation. This concept has been quite controversial since agile methodologies started. The main reason for the controversy is that the traditional methodologies have always associated documentation with proper planning, software quality assurance, deployment, user training, maintenance, etc. Agile methodologists however, believe that documentation should be minimum because of the associated expenses. In agile methodologies, the general belief is that correctly written code is sufficient for maintenance.

The third contribution to agile maturity is the massive exchange of practical experiences amongst the different practitioners involved in agile software development. The general direction of the agile movement seems to be towards more and more demand for the adoption of agile practices by the larger organizations that have been traditionally associated with traditional processes. There have been reports of higher demands for agile consultancy and training as more and more organizations adopt agile development practices, Poppendieck (personal communication, November 07, 2005) said there was more demand in North America, Europe, and even Japan where his book on lean software development sold more than ten thousand copies.

S tool however, are that the analysis: • • • Singles out two main aspects of quality management namely quality assurance and verification and validation. Overlooks other vital techniques used in agile processes to achieve higher quality management. Agile quality assurance takes quality issues a step beyond the traditional software quality assurance approaches. ’s technique is that while the main purpose of that analysis was to show that there is quality assurance in agile processes, it does not make it clear what the way forward is.

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