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By Lee Ambrozy, Ai Weiwei

Manifestos and conceited proposals from China's most renowned artist and activist, culled from his renowned web publication, close down via chinese language experts in 2009.

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Our understanding and description of a given space originates in our understanding of things that will one day occur in the given space. This includes the reasons why events occur and the reactions they provoke. To understand space is to be human. To better understand the potential of space and its related events, you can examine a leaping cat, or the raising of a flag. A builder’s grasp of space and of the possibilities for formulating space reveals his understanding and interpretation of himself and what lies outside himself.

It is one time only. Modernism is not a fad, nor is it a style or trend. Modernism is an attitude toward life, a worldview. It is a system for people to decipher both today and tomorrow. Among the many types of cultural thought, only the modernist modes of thinking are effective, and they are effective across all realms of cultural behavior. 5 The Studio House in the early morning, August 2006. unilateral, temporary, or provisional. This includes all the stale platitudes that attempt to invoke the banner of modernism.

The onlookers are accustomed to jeering and catcalling at spectacle, and just so long as there’s spectacle at hand, everyone is energetic. Every participant hopes he or she won’t be recognized, but even if they can only hide themselves for just a moment, it will be such great fun. The people are unwilling to spend another moment in pain and humiliation, they would much rather strive for a feverish happiness that might help them overcome their self-loathing and fear of death. Take leave of N Town, forget that musical fountain, and those films projected on water.

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