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This publication presents an creation to using algebraic tools and sym­ bolic computation for easy quantum structures with functions to giant order perturbation concept. it's the first ebook to combine Lie algebras, algebraic perturbation thought and symbolic computation in a kind appropriate for college students and researchers in theoretical and computational chemistry and is very easily divided into components. the 1st half, Chapters 1 to six, offers a pedagogical creation to the real Lie algebras so(3), so(2,1), so(4) and so(4,2) wanted for the research of straightforward quantum structures reminiscent of the D-dimensional hydrogen atom and harmonic oscillator. This fabric is appropriate for complex undergraduate and starting graduate scholars. Of specific significance is using so(2,1) in bankruptcy four as a spectrum producing algebra for a number of very important structures comparable to the non-relativistic hydrogen atom and the relativistic Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations. This process presents an enticing and significant substitute to the standard textbook procedure utilizing sequence suggestions of differential equations.

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In the following we shall sometimes use the implied summation convention over repeated indices in the same term unless otherwise stated. 9) gives the identity XjPj - PjXj = r • p - p' r = 3i. 10) Defining the length of the position vector as r = Ir I we can obtain the following commutation relations involving the components of p: [pj,J(r)] = -ixjr-1f'(r) = -i aaJ , X· . -n-2 J [ Pi> r -n] = znxjr , J:) , [Pi> Xk r - n ] =·zr -n( nXjXkr -2 - Ujk [pj,Xjr- n] = i(n - 3)r-n, (summed over j). 14) The first two of these equations can also be expressed in vector form: [p,f(r)] [p, r- n] = -iVJ, = inr- n- 2 r.

68) or conversely j)-( ( jt h mt m2 m . I' -m ) . 69) The Wigner-Eckart theorem is an important result in the angular momentum theory since it states that the matrix element factors into a simple geometrical part, the CG coefficient or the Wigner 3-j symbol, which contains all the dependence of the components of the tensor operator on m, m ' and q and is the same for any tensor operators of rank k, and a physical part or reduced matrix element which is independent of the 2k + 1 components of the tensor operator, depending only on the particular tensor operator.

This means that we should look for 42 Chapter 4. Representations and Realizations of so(2,1) realizations in terms of r, p2 and the radial momentum Pr. Next we use the matrix representation of so(2,1), the realization obtained for the so(2,1) generators and a simple scaling transformation to show that the radial Schrodinger equation for the 3-dimensional hydrogen atom and isotropic harmonic oscillator can be expressed as eigenvalue problems for the generator T3 • Since the classification of the eigenvalue spectra of this generator are known from the matrix representation theory the formulas for the energy levels are directly obtained.

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