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The slag system, arc characteristics, weld appearance, and polarity are not defined. 9 T-6 Electrode Classification. Electrodes of the T-6 classification are self-shielded, operate on dc with positive polarity, and have a spray-type transfer. The slag system is designed to give verygoodlow-temperature impact properties, deep penetration beyond the root of the weld, and excellent deep-groove slag removal. They are used for single- and multiple-pass welding in the flat and horizontal positions. 15 T-GS Electrode Classification.

Manganese and silicon to the weld metal even though no metallic manganese or silicon was added to these particular fluxes. These changes in composition from the electrode used to the weld metai obtained are fairly consistent even when there are large changesin voltage. 3 Even when a neutral flux is used to maintain the weld metal composition through a range of welding voltages,weldproperties,such as strengthleveland impact properties, can change because of changes in other welding parameters, such as depth of fusion, heat input, and number of passes.

10. 1 Provisions. 17-89 Specijìcationfor Carbon Steel Electrodes and Fluxes for Submerged Arc Welding. 2 Introduction. 17-89with their intended applications. Reference to appropriate base metal specifications is made whenever possible and when it would be helpful. Such references areintended as examples only, rather than complete listings of the base metals for which each electrode and flux combination is suitable. 1 Classification of Electrodes. The system for identifying the electrode classifications follows the standard pattern used in AWS filler metal specifications.

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