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By George Catephores

This article provides an straight forward exposition of the fundamental ideas of Marxist economics from the important principles of Marx himself via to the differing functions and reassessments made by means of next generations of Marxian economists. even supposing essentially meant for undergraduates and postgraduates following classes in Marxist economics, its transparent, non-mathematical therapy makes it appropriate for college kids of alternative disciplines.

George Catephores is financial Adviser to the leading Minister of Greece and was once formerly Senior Lecturer in Economics at collage university, London

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Freedom demands closure, a paradox which postmodemism seem reluctant to entertain. This is one reason why its idea of freedom is often enough the 'negative' conception of it espoused by classical liberalirni, and just as full of holes. But a t least for liberalism there was a subject coherent enough to count as the locus of that liberty; whereas if the postmodern subject is diffused by fortuitous forces, split open by a ceaseless play of difference, then there would seem nothing to which the idea of freedom could be attached.

But about how fir such feahlres m a f m how fir. for example, they figure significantly in the analysis of any specific historical situation. Does it really matter that Sophock presumably had nvo ears like us, and can it throw any light on Aiifigonc? It may not especially illuminate Anfipue, but the fact that Sophocles had a form of body in common with us, a material form which has altered little in the course of human history, is surely a matter of the greatest moment If another m a t u r e is able in principle to speak to us.

True radicalism, conveniently enough for the system inelf, would be utterly unintelligible - a fact apparently overlooked by the CIA, who no doubt continue to take a professional interest in Noam Chomsky even though he occasionally utters propositions intelligible co Clint Eastwood. Radicals are not pamcularly thrown by beiig told that what they are trying to do is just part of the ongoing convenation of their civilizations. as long as they are allowed to go ahead and do it. This claim goes so far down as to disappear.

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