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What has been obtained this far in this section is development of some techniques by which all unlabelled pat terns, which are represented by points in the micro-region W'k , maybe classified as being members of one and only one of the N c possible pattern classes. With these techniques so to say a class membership has been assigned to each micro-region. The next step in the development of a realistic decision proc~ dure is the fusion of all adjacent micro-regions to which the same class, C~ has been assigned.

Paper s that di~ cuss matching criteria are indicated by the descriptors D2. and D3 in Minsky 1963. If it is known that only one templet will match the unlabelled pattern the search can be stopped when such a templet has been found. On the average Nt /2 templets must be checked before the pattern is identified. When an exhaustive search through all Nc templets is not required, two things can. 49 Templet Matching be done to accelerate the recognition procedure. ,! £ ships (judging from the last few recognized patterns) are check ed first.

3 The Minimaxing Classification Procedure. ) , the designer must rede 6. Decision Procedures and Indices of Performance 60 sign the categorizer, meaning that he must find new values for ~(k), k=l, ... ,NM. In case the classification of points in each micro-region has to be maintained by the designer after the change of a priori probabilities, the average classification cost presumably will change. = R(N c) the cost couldincreasetoR(1)ifallunlabelledpatternsnowbelong to C1 , and it could decrease to R (N c) if all unlabelled patterns belong to CNc • If the designer has no information about the values of ~pr(l), ...

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